Top 12 Best (and One Worst) Moments of the SNL 40th Reunion

I know I am kind of late on this, I have had the flu for like 10 days it’s been horrible. I think I went stir crazy at my house this past weekend. But I did get to finish the last Game of Thrones book so I am super stoked to see the show thisContinue reading “Top 12 Best (and One Worst) Moments of the SNL 40th Reunion”

The Hangover III (2013)

Hangover III (2013) Directed by: Doug Phillips The feel good movie of 2009, The Hangover, is back for its’ third installment of four buddies who get themselves into trouble for being typical guys. This time they are back in Vegas (again) to find and bring Mr. Chow (again) and get Doug back (again). They were supposedContinue reading “The Hangover III (2013)”