The Art of Getting By (2011)

The Art of Getting By (2011) Directed by Gavin Wiesen This movie happens to be one of favorite films and I am secretly obsessed with the main character, played by Freddie Highmore. You guys might know him as the little boy in Tim Burton’s remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or as the creepyContinue reading “The Art of Getting By (2011)”

Boardwalk Empire Recap: Season 4, Episode 10: Line in the Sand

Boardwalk Empire: Season 4: Episode 10 Last Sunday night’s episode, “White Horse Pike”, brought to helm a few different narratives in the story finally coming together to fruition. Nucky shows us he has and always will be the boss. Despite his downfalls and the crap that has happened to him this year, he will stillContinue reading “Boardwalk Empire Recap: Season 4, Episode 10: Line in the Sand”