November Favorites (2014)

November is already upon us friends, what the hell is going on, time is flying so fast and before you know it the New Year will be here! This past month was quite lazy for me, I have been feeling as I mentioned before so overwhelmed with everything that November was rather drab. I caughtContinue reading “November Favorites (2014)”

October Favorites (2014)

It is already almost the end of October, so please excuse the lateness. I actually wrote this a while ago and it has been sitting here not getting posted, what the hell! I have been procrastinating a lot lately and feeling really bogged down with work, so much that writing for fun has been proving difficult. I haveContinue reading “October Favorites (2014)”

July Favorites (2014)

Howdy my buddies out there in the blog world. July was a VERY slow movie watching month for me. I feel like I barely watched or reviewed any. Which as you all know, in our world, that is a sad, sad feeling. Getting back on track this month though and hoping to go see Guardians ofContinue reading “July Favorites (2014)”

Mommy, How are Babies Made? A Review of Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex Review It just came to me that I have not blogged about the new Showtime series Masters of Sex. I have to say that so far, this is my favorite new show of the year. It doesn’t have walkers, bloodshed, gangsters, canned laughter or gratuitous sex, all the stuff I normally enjoy.Continue reading “Mommy, How are Babies Made? A Review of Masters of Sex”

Homeland Recap: Season 3, Episode 6: Leggo She’s Preggo

Homeland: Episode 6  Since Season 3 of Homeland has started, I think we have seen Brody a handful of times on screen. Last night, I was praying, wishing, hoping, dreaming that he would come back to the fold and that we could see what the hell he has been up to in Venezuela. The episodeContinue reading “Homeland Recap: Season 3, Episode 6: Leggo She’s Preggo”