Sisters (2015)

Sisters (2015) Directed by Jason Moore Written by Paula Pell The movie genre of forty something women coming of age has hardly been touched in Hollywood. Wait… that’s because older women should have their lives figured out while living in their white-picked fenced homes along with their beautiful Christmas card worthy family. Therefore the moviesContinue reading “Sisters (2015)”

Golden Globes 2015 Recap: The 17 Best and Worst Moments

The 72nd Golden Globes were held yesterday and mark the beginning of awards season. Hosted for the third time by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, this will be their last year and I am sure all the famous people out there will miss them. I say that because they poke fun at celebrities, but inContinue reading “Golden Globes 2015 Recap: The 17 Best and Worst Moments”

Back to School for TV Shows (2013)

The fall season in TV land is like going back to school. We see new fresh faces, think freshmen you either, love them, think Masters of Sex, Witches of East End or hate them, Sleepy Hollow, Hostages, and some are just going to get picked on, The Millers, Dracula.   We also get to seeContinue reading “Back to School for TV Shows (2013)”