Top 10 Things I Realized After Watching True Detective

True Detective is actually REALLY REALLY funny! No seriously guys, I have been scouring the web for funny stuff because that’s what I do best and really I wish there was a job in the newspaper for this because I would totally apply for it. Any who, here is my summary slash the top 10 thingsContinue reading “Top 10 Things I Realized After Watching True Detective”

True Detective Recap, Season Finale (2014)

True Detective Season 1, Episode 8 ** Spoiler Alert This past week was the last episode and finale of Season 1 of True Detective. The series was only 8 episodes with a definitive ending this year and next season will be a whole new story, similar to the format of American Horror Story. This remindsContinue reading “True Detective Recap, Season Finale (2014)”

True Detective Recap, Season 1, Episode 7

True Detective Season 1, Episode 7 **Spoiler Alert This week’s episode, “After You’ve Gone,” starts off where we left off in present time with Rust and Martin who go to a bar that proverbial beer and chat. Rust reveals that he has been conducting an investigation and compiling evidence and believes vehemently that the killerContinue reading “True Detective Recap, Season 1, Episode 7”